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A Guide To SHARE

SFRs are one of the most lucrative and stable investments on a risk-adjusted basis, but investing in them can be an intimidating process if you have little experience and no guidance.

A completely digital way of purchasing turnkey single-family home rental properties that we renovate, tenant and professionally manage for you. 

Each of our homes is professionally assessed for monthly cash flow and capital appreciation.

  1. Sourcing customized on and off-market deals: SHARE has the ability to curate a list of investment properties that suit your investment criteria. Each listing is equipped with in-depth projected returns and proformas so investors do not have to calculate potential cash flow themselves. 

  2. Thorough assessments to meet the highest standards: SHARE professionally inspects each property prior to listing to establish a projected renovation, repairs, and maintenance budget. 

  3. Dedicated closing team: Our Client Success Team works with investors at every step of the way to ensure an efficient close. 

  4. Quality renovations: Once you close on the property, SHARE will oversee the execution of quality renovations within the established projected budget. 

  5. Matching with a professional property manager: SHARE will help tenant the property with the highest quality tenant and lease at the highest monthly rental rate based on the market.
  6. Institutional-grade asset management: SHARE handles all operations on your behalf while helping you grow your portfolio.

 Interested? Schedule A Call

There’s no catch – only transparent fees that have already been factored into our financial calculator for each property listing.

 3.00% acquisition fee or $7,500
- We charge the greater of the 2 at the time of close on the purchase price.

 0.25% - 1.00% asset management fee*
- This is an annual charge (collected monthly) based on the original purchase price plus renovations and capital expenditures (subject to a maximum 3% annual adjustment).

- Only deducted when rents are collected.

Once you are ready to take the next step, you can: 

  1. Search: Create a free account to browse the various homes listed on SHARE with different return profiles. Or, you can schedule a call with our team so we can source and tailor a list of properties that suit your criteria. Either way, you'll find one that fits your wants and needs! 

  2. Call: Connect with our Client Success Team so we can help with finance options, entity formations, mortgages, etc. to ensure an efficient close.

  3. Close: Our goal is to help you close on the property in 45 days or less. Our Client Success Team will work diligently with you to achieve this goal by guiding you through each step.

  4. Collect: Let the wealth creation begin! After you take ownership, you'll get access to our portal where you will receive in-depth reporting on your portfolio and a direct line of communication with us. SHARE handles all of the operations and continuously looks for growth and liquidity levers on your behalf.  

SHARE properties are professionally vetted and de-risked so you can start or grow your real estate portfolio without the hassle and headaches of landlord duties.

Schedule a call with us today.

*For a limited time: starts at 0.50% for Texas and Georgia listings, and decreases based on portfolio size.
After reserving the property, SHARE works with you to secure acquisition financing and facilitates the entity formation and banking set-up, whether you are a domestic or foreign investor. After your purchase, SHARE actively oversees third-party property management to ensure optimal operational performance, provides monthly financial reporting, including annual tax documentation, and facilitates refinancing strategies over the hold period. The investor portal ensures you have full visibility of your investment as you reap the benefits from economies of scale in operating expenses regardless of your portfolio size.